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How we Work

HOW we work

We share a good relationship with the vendors and shipping lines are always ready to help them in any possible way. We believe, planning is the essence for a successful shipment. If shipments are planned well in advance, the chances of shut out and misconnection could be avoided and a zero defect service levels could be achieved. Our team co-ordinates along with the vendors, obtain their delivery schedule / cargo hand over dates well in advance and process the pre-shipment documentation and organise space booking with the liners for scheduled vessels. Due to this, we are able to even make the last minute connection as the shipments are planned in advance. We also send the pre-shipping advice to the account/vendors and obtain their approval before the shipment is actually cleared to avoid any sort of miscommunication on either end. Once a shipment is completed, we release the bill of lading from shipping line and send shipping advice to the account/vendor. We also closely co-ordinate with the shipping line and obtain the schedules and cutoff dates on a regular basis and are updated of any change in the schedule by the liners.